Loneliness – Channeled Message 7/8/2012

(I could literally hear Nathan Lane singing the song that spirit started off with.)

“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.  Two can be as bad as one it’s the loneliest number since well the number one.”  Pardon us while we steal some song lyrics, but we felt these words from One in the film Stuart Little 2 were very fitting for today’s topic of interest.  Loneliness is rampant within the human population at this time.  Whereas in the past, people were bonded in tight family units, modern life has distanced many from both friends and family.  There is new technology to assist with connecting, i.e. Skype, but even that falls short as you cannot touch via the Internet.  You cannot hug.  You cannot kiss.  You cannot hold someone’s hand who needs comforting.  What we want you to know is that you CAN energetically reach out to those you love.  You CAN learn and practice astral projection and bilocation to actually be with those you love.  On the spirit side, people meet up all the time during sleep.  Sleep not only allows the physical body to repair and renew, but it also allows the spirit to vacation, if you will, on the Other Side.  It is quite common for people to show up over here to help with pre-incarnation planning of other souls that they will end up interacting with, for example.  Sometimes, someone who is suffering very much in the 3D world due to the loss of a loved one will come here to visit with him/her for a short while.  When the person wakes up, they do not consciously remember the visit, of course, but subconsciously they feel better…they feel more at peace.  It’s subtle, but it makes the world of difference for those who are extremely sad and missing loved ones.  While it’s often been said that you need to be your own best friend, that you need to be content alone, we cannot stress enough that (1) you are NEVER alone as your spirit guide(s) are always with you and that (2) the world is within you.  What we mean by that is that when you take the time to go within via meditation, you will have access to the world, and that includes all the people you have ever known or will ever know as time doesn’t exist and all happens simultaneously, despite what your sense of time proves to be true and correct.  Now this needing to be with other people is natural, but we would like to stress that ultimately your best friend is yourself and your soul.  Since your soul is a piece of God, what better companion could you have?

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