A rose by any other name?

As my friends have dealt with for months…and really bad the past few weeks…I have been in a dilemma about whether or not I should officially go back to my birth name, Carrie, and let go of Atheria. Firstly, I’m a double Libra, so all decisions are hard for me, and secondly I’ve been Atheria since 1999 after a loud voice gave me the name in 1998 telling me I was not really Carrie Ryan, I was Atheria. The voice then proceeded to spell it out when I jumped up from meditation barking, “What?! Spell it!” I then promptly said something about that name being odd and too exotic for little old me and promptly forgot about it. In March of 1999 this obsessive feeling came over me that I needed to change my name. When I ignored that (I am indeed stubborn) spirit got aggressive and suddenly over the span of a week, numerous neighbors and strangers in grocery stores, on the street, etc. came up to me and out-of-the-blue said, “You know, I changed my name and it was the best thing I ever did.” I finally accepted the name, and literally, that day, my life opened up. There was a major shift. Many years prior, when I met a wonderful medium for the first time and introduced myself as Carrie, he said to me, “You need to change your name. It’s so wrong for you it’s literally causing you harm.” Of course, THAT being stuck in my head adds to the concern of going back to Carrie. I was legally one name, Atheria, from May of 1999 to June of 2007 when I decided to change my name back to my birth name strictly for official stuff like Social Security and credit cards. Just in case you didn’t know, having just one name causes A LOT of problems since computer systems are set up for at least 2 names. They almost didn’t let me into Costa Rica in 2005 because they thought my passport was a fake.

Anyway, things have been getting very confusing in my life now because I am Carrie Ryan at my conservative job, but Atheria everywhere else…and some people from work have become personal friends after hours. There have been times lately when I meet someone and totally blank about what name to give him/her as I’m shaking his/her hand. Also, I’m getting tired of saying, “Hi, I’m Atheria” to be greeted back by a blank stare of puzzlement and then needing to explain and spell my name…which of course, most people can’t remember. I get called everything from Athena (I wish I was a goddess) to Areola (nipple)!

Back in 2005 during a session with a gifted medium, when she was talking with my maternal grandfather, he clearly didn’t get the whole “Atheria thing” (who he was in life was very fitting for that response) but said he could accept it if I reincoporated parts of Carrie back into me. He said that when I dropped Carrie and became Atheria, I literally dropped everything about who I had been up to that point. I had left behind too much.

Another medium friend of mine told me a couple of years ago that when she gets serious messages for me, spirit calls me Carrie. When she gets lighthearted messages for me, spirit calls me Atheria.

Something that has been concerning me is that Atheria has a certain very ephemeral/hippie connotation. People immediately put me into a “New Age Woo Woo” category when they hear my name, and I don’t like that. I do want to be taken seriously. That being said, Atheria is a truly beautiful name and I have loved it. I’m not even sure I feel like a Carrie anymore. But, Carrie Ryan is practical.

During an online Spiritualist circle last night (Skype is awesome!), a woman psychic who had never met me before and didn’t know about my name conundrum, suddenly said to me, “Spirit keeps yelling CARRIE CARRIE CARRIE at me and I don’t know why. I ask them to give me a message for you but they just keep saying CARRIE.” I just started laughing. I knew immediately what that meant. Of course, the question now is — Why would they tell me I’m not Carrie in 1998 and then tell me I’m Carrie in 2012? Do they have some sick sense of humor? It was not easy becoming Atheria. All I can think of is (1) I had misunderstood what I was to do with Atheria…meaning that Atheria might be my eternal soul name (which we each have through all incarnations) but that I wasn’t meant to literally use it in my physical life as this incarnation, (2) Atheria is actually a guide of mine — Googling myself years ago I ran across a woman who channels a being named Atheria and when I read some of the channeled messages, gasped, as they were worded VERY much like my channeled messages…same manner of speech, etc., or (3) I am going through immense change, a rebirth of sorts right now (which has not been pleasant), and that it’s time to return to my roots and meld Atheria with Carrie.

Reaction has been mixed. Some prefer Atheria and some prefer Carrie. But, this is my decision…something between me and my soul. Your name is very important. Just as we are a certain vibration physically, names have a certain vibration. If we don’t match vibrationally, that can cause problems. Maybe I should be Caratheria? 😉 I think not. I will admit to liking sounding like a normal person, but those who know me know I’m not typical. 😉

In Light,
Carrie / Atheria


20 thoughts on “A rose by any other name?

  1. Wow … this is so interesting to be reading your story Carrie/ Atheria.
    I too have gone back to my birth name recently, as I was syaing on Lisa’s site , and have set up another blog with this name. I too felt that too much had energy had gone over to Matariki … with my birth name left .. along with all that was connected to it. This also had a knock affect for me in the `outside world’ .. where that side of my life stagnated while Matariki was in full flow mostly on the internet.
    I was given the name of Matariki so that I could leave New Zealand and break away from my birth family … there was a lot of pain involved in this at the time and my Pleiadian family helped me to break away and gave me the name Matariki which is the Maori word for the Pleiades. This happened in June 2009 … however in June 2012 while I was in France I was told that I no longer need Matariki. I was told that Matariki was like a waka ( Maori word for a canoe) which was given to me to travel into a new phase in my life. This waka is no longer needed and it is time to return to my birth name.
    I found it so very interesting that you are currently experiencing this challenge …especially as we connected the other day on Lisa’s site. No sooner had I written my comment there that I saw yours and I felt that I needed to speak to you.
    Since then you have flitted in and out of my mind. Your name ( Atheria ) is in my distant healing book for Reiki.
    Only you can say what you need to do … it does sound that you are being guided to go back to your birth name. Maybe you do not need to know the whys and wherefores for now but simply go with the guidance and the rest will fall into place.
    I never formally changed my name … it was a name which I mainly used on the internet .. so for me it was relatively easy. However … it is so interesting that this is happening for you at a similar time that it occurred for me.
    Possibly for you it will be more of a merging of the two names.
    One of the things which came to me is that a friend calls herself `Karen Pallas’ .. as she is an aspect of Athena ( who you mention in your post) Here is her site: http://keeperofbalance.blogspot.co.uk/

    Much Love

  2. Hi Eileen,

    I do think something “out there” is triggering my feeling that I need to change my name again. Back in early 1999 when I got the obsessive feeling I had to become Atheria, a British medium friend of mine suddenly got the urge to change her name too. I don’t think that was coincidental as we were always very connected.

    I also think there is something about A names and where I’m really from. A good friend of mine who is also very ET connected changed her name to A’keara and via a ouija board in 2002, a Plejaran (she used that term instead of Pleiadian…see Billy Meier) came through named Alora. Another spiritual friend temporarily changed her name to a unique A name many years ago.

    I’ve thought about merging my names, but Atheria really doesn’t go with Carrie Ryan. I am already having a hard time signing emails Carrie as it does not feel like me. But, then again, when I first became Atheria, I had a hard time introducing myself as that and signing it. Atheria seemed way too exotic for little old me. But, over time, my energy shifted and I felt like my name. So, it’ll take time. I do need to work on merging my 2 selves though. I do not want to lose all of my Atheria-ness. And, WordPress makes it very difficult to change things! I cannot figure out how to get rid of the Atheria over my photo here…so…I guess it’s staying. LOL

    Thank you for the link to the other blog. 🙂

    Atheria…oops! Carrie 🙂

  3. Carrie suits you beautifully then .. JOY! JOY has been crying out for you … remember when you heard it – Carrie! Carrie! Carrie! JOY! JOY! JOY!
    Maybe your song is now – Ode to Joy! 🙂 Fabulous.
    I wonder would you mind me sharing your story over on my blog … as we kind of went through this name change(back) at the same time … and I feel it is connected.
    Isn’t it funny … our birth names mean Joy and Light …

  4. I will continue to send you reiki … now your name in my book says Carrie. 🙂
    Thank you for allowing me to share your story .. I feel that our name stories are intrinsically linked .. and also the same time of our posting on Lisa’s site on those posts … amazing! ( same bat time ..same bat channel 🙂 )
    The energies are intense at the moment .. massive solar energies abound.
    Take good care of yourself .. you are needed.

    • Thank you very much. I need it. As if it’s not bad enough that I live in constant head pain from neck damage, but my blood sugar issue is hell. I had a really bad night last night and still don’t feel well today. 😦

  5. Pingback: Joy & Light « Sacred Spiral of Light

    • I have not heard of her. Looking at her site, I she she mentions numerous things I’m dealing with: endocrine issues, sleep, pain, etc. — Maybe there IS a reason why my body is freaking out since Nov. 2010.

  6. Hi Carrie, I found your story on Eileen’s blog and thought I might be able to help you make some sense of the name thing. I’ve done Eileen’s numerology a while ago, which seemed to help her, so i thought you might like to know the numbers associated with both names. 🙂
    I have the impression that you felt ‘stuck’ in your life at the time that you were given the name Atheria. I think you needed that name at the time because your birth name wasn’t helping you to break out of certain patterns, so it was given to help you. Taking a different name means that it’s vibration overlays your birth name vibration and can empower you. Atheria resonates with the numbers 8, 7 and 10 – authority, power and leadership. Carrie resonates with the number 9, which is service to others, and Ryan is Master Number 22, the number for the Master Builders – people who through persistence and determination have achieved an emotional balance. Their challenge in this life is to show that with focus and attention anything can be achieved, and nothing is impossible.
    I think that now you have empowered yourself, you are now ready to step into the full power of your birth name.

    • Gabrielle,

      Thank you so much. That actually makes me feel better, like this all makes sense. My full birth name, Carrie Jane Ryan, and my birthday, 10/20/1966 are both 7’s. Coincidentally, the house I fell for and bought 2 years ago is a 7. 🙂 I did find it interesting that Atheria was an 8. I thought, “Well, I guess I moved up one level.” But, I also know that 7 is a spiritual number.

      Thank you again!
      Carrie / Atheria

      • I’m not sure about those numbers…..I make Carrie Jane 48=12=3 and Ryan -22- stands alone, as it’s a Master Number. Your birthdate is almost the same – 30 and 22 – which are the numbers for your life path.
        3 is creative and brings in new energy, and the 0 strengthens this. So the name Carrie Jane Ryan is absolutely perfect for your life path. I don’t know, perhaps you use a different numerology system…I use the Pythagorian system. There is also a Chaldean system, which will show the energies you attract.

      • To be honest, I don’t know THAT much about numerology. I just know how to add up the totals (don’t break names and dates down) via 1 – 9 being written on a piece of paper and then A – Z filled in underneath the numbers from left to right.

  7. That’s the Pythagorian system, but the numbers for the vowels go above the name, and the numbers for the consonants go underneath. That way you get two lines of numbers to add up, which are added up at the end, giving you three numbers. Master Numbers/names are important though, so they always stand alone.
    For a birth date, the day and month are added, as well as the year. If there is no Master Number, then they are added at the end, but master Numbers stand alone.

  8. I haven’t read the book, but as the Master number 44 is the number for the Universal teacher, I can only think that 444 would be silmilar, but on a much higher, angelic level. I would say that 444’s stand for guidance from a high, angelic level.

  9. Whenever I get a 444 I pay attention. I occasionally get 1111 also, but not nearly as often. I have one cool 1111 story though where an unexpected dividend of $11.11 came into my eTrade account that I would have accidentally overdrawn had it not. 🙂

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