Your Soul’s Gift

I need to say:  I love “coincidences”!  Because, guess what?  Coincidences AREN’T.

On Friday I was talking with a friend and explaining how I believe (from what I’ve been taught and what feels true) that before we incarnate, we meet with our spirit guides on the Other Side and chart out our next life’s major lessons and goals.  She was not familiar with that concept, and I had to explain how once we incarnate we forget what we agreed to (and I think I was drunk when I agreed to this life and the hell I’ve gone through) and although we have free will and can kind of veer off path occasionally, we really are stuck with the major life lessons we set up for ourselves to deal with.  So, even if you veer off path, those lessons will find some way to work themselves back into your experience.

On Sunday I got the urge to go to the final day of “A Gathering of Healers” being held at Heavenly Lodge in Tijeras, NM.  I hadn’t yet been through the Tijeras area and used it as an excuse to take a little road trip out into nature.  Firstly, Tijeras is very pretty.  I loved the area.  Secondly, Heavenly Lodge had wonderful energy and was soooooo peaceful.  The owner, Michelle, showed me around and was very hospitable.  Thirdly, while talking with the woman leading the healing event, Shirley, I mentioned that I’ve always been fascinated by life-between-life hypnotic regression and exploration and I think I mentioned something about charting incarnations.  She then said, “I have a book out in my car I’d like to give you.”  Well, the book was “Your Soul’s Gift” by Robert Schwartz, published this year.  And, guess what?  It’s about how we as souls meet with our teachers and guides before we incarnate into our next life and plan out the major goals and life lessons we need to experience to continue our growth as souls!  Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Someone obviously wants me to learn more about this.  I started reading the 500+ page book last evening and it’s fascinating!  I’m a slow reader so I’m only up to page 114 or so (but I did have to work today) but I can’t stand to put it down.  It’s not often that a book truly engulfs me.  I would highly suggest this book to anyone who wants to understand how our growth through various lives works.  I’ve also learned that karma is much more complicated than I thought.  It’s so involved, I can’t even explain it here.  You’ll have to read the book. 🙂 And no, I’m not getting a commission.

I have always believed that the bad things that happen in our lives have a spiritual purpose.  Now, by reading some of the true stories in this book, I’m SURE there is a reason for everything.  And those bad situations that keep repeating over and over….ummmmm….HELLO!!  Pay attention!  There is something you need to learn in order to stop it from happening again.  Look for the deeper lesson in everything.  I have known for quite some time that as horrendous as my 16.5+ years of constant head pain due to a stubborn neck injury has been, if I had not been injured on 10/1/1995 I never would have met Eric Pearl (well….spirit probably would have found some way for us to connect) and Eric changed my life forever and sent me on a spiritual path I might not have walked down had I not been desperately looking for help with my health.  Of course, the injury can leave now!  I’m on the path already.  It’s time for me to heal!  But wait, maybe there is still more to learn from my neck hell…..hmmmmm……

In Light,



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