Psychics and blood sugar issues…

I went to a meeting of the Rio Grande Ghost Hunters group I belong to tonight and my body suddenly started having all the symptoms of a low blood sugar attack (I’m hypoglycemic) while watching video tapes of footage the group took on a ghost hunt last weekend.  I didn’t even put two and two together that the footage could be making me sick until someone else commented on it…and I improved somewhat after leaving the room.  I know I’m empathic, but geeze!  Just watching ghost footage affected me?!  At one of the members’ homes many weeks ago where we were doing a mini ghost investigation, I suddenly got a massive headache and had to leave.  I found out later that I had been sitting on the same spot on the couch where his wife had passed away last year and another psychic member of the group saw her spirit giving me the evil eye.  I had been sitting near her husband and talking to him and I guess she got jealous.  Anyway, I am clearly very physically affected by ghosts.  One of the tapes we watched earlier tonight, I suddenly started tingling strongly and all the hairs went up on my arms….just from a tape!

Anyway, I got to talking to a nurse in the group who is sensitive and also hypoglycemic and then I thought the leader of the group is diabetic and psychic and I’ve known quite a few other psychics who are diabetic.  Is there something about being psychic and having a messed up endocrine system?  The consensus was YES…that having a psychic ability puts so much strain on your whole system it can blow your endocrine system.  Great…..just great…..UGH.



6 thoughts on “Psychics and blood sugar issues…

  1. Wow, that’s so interesting! I’m hypoglycemic (and have jaw/neck/shoulder pain too by the way. Argh) and am on the psychic path (as in becoming more and more psychic). Woah, I just realized that I started getting hypoglycemic a year ago right after I started focusing on psychic studies and practicing.

  2. Although it is highly possible my sudden onset hypoglycemia at age 44 in Nov. 2010 has to do with changing hormone levels as I approach “that time of life”, I am highly suspecting I’m also being affected by the vibrational shifts happening on this planet. It just came on way too dramatically. Granted, I’ve had SOME low blood sugar episodes since I was a teen, but they were very rare and I didn’t consider myself to be someone with a blood sugar problem. I’m very sensitive to things going on in the ethers and bet 2012’s shifts are also not helping my endocrine system. I do wonder if somehow psychic ability feeds off of the hormone system. Hmmmmmm?

    I’ve always seen a correlation between my neck damage and head pain and my psychic work. When a spirit comes into my energy body (if I’m going to channel) they feel like they come in through the back of my neck. When I’m in full trance and about to channel, I often cough a lot as “they” adjust my throat chakra.

  3. I am beginning to believe it too. I just googled “Low blood sugar, seeing ghosts”…because I have had a very tough time this week with my blood sugar levels, and coincidentally, I have constantly been doing double takes, seeing moving shapes out of my peripheral vision. This has been happening during the same time my blood sugar is all whacked out, for no reason at all! I am eating just fine, and the past three days I have had these strange sensations like people are in the room with me, and no one is there. I am 43, and this hypoglycemia seems sudden to me too. Been a sensitive all my life, and I too have neck pain issues. Got an xray two years ago, and the chiropractor saw that my entire head looks as if it was crooked from either trauma at birth, or an auto accident..neither of which happened to me. Can’t figure out why my head would be crooked like that.

  4. Heidi, that is weird. My neck damage (which causes a 24/7 headache and is making the right side of my face sink) definitely has connections to past lives where I’ve been killed by my neck (hanging, beheading, strangulation, etc.) but besides the whiplash I got in 1995, a doctor discovered that not only is my cerebellum HUGE (not a good thing) but the base of my skull has a congenital malformation. My friends joked at the time this was discovered that “maybe that’s why you’re psychic” especially pertaining to the large brain part. I actually feel my skull slipped on C1 when my neck snapped and that it’s now “crooked”. Although many chiropractors have tried to realign my neck especially in the C1-C2 area, things never hold. C1/atlas was WAY off of the right hand side for a long time.

    Regarding low blood sugar, I wonder if some spirits feed off our energy, which depletes us and causes hypoglycemia? I do know that when I’ve gone into trance and done channeling, that I am VERY drained/tired afterward and feel like I need to go to sleep for hours.

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