Trust – Channeled Message 6/14/2012

Trust, and all will be shown to you.  Believe, not in the hereafter but in the now…which is the hereafter if we want to play with terminology.  For what is there is here.  It just takes a change in perception.  As you open one door and walk through it, you can open a window into the next dimension.  There are many layers of dimensions on top of one another and only separated by the vast consciousness of space and time.  You are part of that consciousness.  Space is within you, not “out there” somewhere.  The immensity of what is within you most would not be able to comprehend.  Once you leave the physical body, you will understand more, but it is a continuous growth process.  We wanted to title this message “Trust” because trust plays a huge role in your evolution and growth.  We ask you to trust us, yet, who are we?  We really want you to trust YOURSELVES…for all the truths and answers lie within.  Do not listen to anyone outside yourself.  Who knows you better than your soul?  Well, maybe your spirit guides, but they are also a part of your soul.  Most think spirit guides are totally separate beings, but you will be surprised to find out that they are actually your higher selves (to use a term many of you are familiar with).  Because so many people are insecure and feel they must look to another higher being for guidance, we’ve had to trick you into thinking your guidance is coming from someone else…when the reality is, the guidance is coming from you.  Now isn’t THAT empowering?  We will admit that your spirit guide/higher self is a part of your soul that is a bit further along the path.  You see, your soul has many parts and not all of it is in one place/time.  We stress again just how HUGE you all are…how LIMITLESS you all are.  This message is meant to empower you, not to give you swelled egos, but to let you know that you have access to great amounts of knowledge if you will go inside and ask and listen…and trust.  With that, we say good night.


5 thoughts on “Trust – Channeled Message 6/14/2012

  1. Wow this was deep.

    To add to 1 of your points,people must realize that what we learn here on Earth physically,is what we’ll take with us after death.

    So if one doesn’t know much of the spiritual world,nor of himself(what he’s composed of):he’ll essentially be lost and trapped between dimensions like a lost soul.

    And that’s the prob’ with Christianity and the other 2 main religions:they know nothing of the other realms.They teach nothing about it.

    So when they die physically,they’re essentially lost souls not knowing where to go,what they are…

  2. I heard someone once ask a medium if there are any people who are more likely to become ghosts and not fully “cross over” and the medium replied, “Yes, Christians. Because they expect to be greeted by Jesus when they die, if they aren’t greeted by Jesus (which is often the case), they get totally confused and stuck where they are.”

    • Exactly!!That medium was totally correct!

      And that’s why I said that about Christians predominantly.

      They base everything on a man named Jesus,coming back for them physically,etc.

      That’s why I said that they don’t really believe in a spiritual realm since their whole doctrine is based on material.

      Thus when they die,they’re essentially lost.

      Just the other day,an elder I usually discuss this with(spirituality),he said to me that the Hindu religion is the best when it comes to the spiritual realm(in comparison to the other top 3 religions).

      You made a great point also about Buddhism being great also.

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