If God wants you to be with someone, it WILL be arranged!

This is a true story I heard today from a woman around my age that should be turned into a movie or something.  It’s a perfect example of soulmates and how fate/destiny plays out.  As Michael Newton would say (“Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of Souls”), there is no point in stressing out about whether or not you are going to meet someone and fall madly in love.  If it’s meant to be, it WILL be.  It’s written in the stars…

In a nutshell, someone had set this guy up with her older sister on a blind date when she was 16 and her sister was 17. The sister didn’t want to go, so by default, the guy took her out. They dated for a while and then he went into the military. She flew to see him in Africa, but he had gotten sent out 2 days earlier! She did end up seeing him in Geneva, Switzerland later. When he got out of the military, they got engaged and then she broke it off because he was extremely financially irresponsible and they weren’t living in the same states. She ended up marrying someone else for like 10 years and got divorced. She looked the guy up to see if he was single/married and he was single and they got back together and got engaged again. Then, she ended it again for some good reason (I think location problems were a part of it). She married someone else and he also married someone else. Fast forward another 9 years or so, and she got divorced again (had one daughter with this guy) and he had also gotten divorced. She looked him up again, and they’ve been happy together ever since and are finally marrying each other soon! She said that her soulmate’s dad told her that he had never stopped loving her. She said that they never fight. Everything is easy (as it should be when you are with the right person). He lets her control the money since he is still bad with money. LOL

I need to remind myself of this, by the way. 🙂



30 thoughts on “If God wants you to be with someone, it WILL be arranged!

  1. So it’s safe to say that you’re the type of person who believes that if someone wants a relationship with another,he/she should just get down on their knees and pray about it without doing any practical ground work?Just asking.

  2. Nope. The books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton made me realize that IF you are meant to meet someone….it WILL be arranged by the universe. He tells some true stories in the books that make the hairs on your arms stand up. I think you should just live your life and allow fate to work its magic. That being said, you also have to understand that not everyone is meant to be partnered up. I closed my OkCupid bio down last night. I am no longer looking. Looking too hard doesn’t work.

    • I totally disagree with leaving things up to fate,faith and luck.

      If I want a specific girl:I have to go get her.

      No amount of praying,wish and hoping will cause that to happen.

  3. Hate to break this to you, Kenny, but just because YOU want a certain girl doesn’t mean the universe wants you to have that girl. What I’m talking about is not aiming for a specific person. I’m talking about being open to allowing God/the universe to bring you a soulmate….whoever she may be.

    • I agree with you on that.

      But one has to get off his ass and try.

      If he doesn’t get the girl:then he can blame it on fate.

      But it’s counter productive to want a girl,but say to yourself:”I’m gonna go pray on it”,and hope she just falls into your lap.

    • Soulmate!!?

      You believe in that garbage?

      Be it whatever we may call it(soulmate,fuck-buddies,etc.),the point should still be understood that you must get off your ass to get this soulmate.She or he will not just come to you.

      And if they do(just appear),who’s to say you’re gonna grasp that opportunity.So nothing should be left to fate or chance.

      How would you like a president or boss who left things merely to chance:your pay increase,etc.?

  4. Kenny, soulmates (for lack of another term) are real. I know from past experience. Someone recently in my life I felt a MAJOR soul connection with….and then I found out he and I had at least one past life together (I saw the life and a psychic saw the same life for me). What makes it extra interesting is that the past life we had together eerily matched our current situation.

    Anyway, never did I say you are supposed to just sit on your butt and pray. I never told you to pray at all. What I did tell you was that if God wants you to meet a soulmate, it will be arranged. You are more than welcome to go after the girl you want, but if God doesn’t want you together, it won’t happen. In the meantime, you could be in a car accident with a gal and end up falling madly in love with her and live happily ever after. It’s call FATE darling.

    • Not saying soulmate doesn’t exist.

      If I chose to call my GF my soulmate:it’s my decision.

      But to me;it’s rather trivial and nonsensical.

      BTW,you’ve been a bad blogger.Feel free to check out my blog and leave your insights as I’ve been doing.Reciprocate.

  5. Kenny, you can call your girlfriend your soulmate if you want to, but that doesn’t mean she is. LOL – Trust me, when you meet someone who IS from your soul group, you will know it. It’s like meeting someone you’ve known forever.

    I am new at this and don’t know all the blogging rules. Pfffffffffft. :-p

    I’ll go check your blog.

    • There’s no official rules of blogging but you get the drift lol.

      I feel you on the soulmate part.

      I have a GF(for 3 years now).We have zero spiritual connect,nothing in common,fight constantly.So I know she isn’t my soulmate(from your definition).

      But can a relation NOT last if your partner isn’t your soulmate?That’s my question.

  6. When I say spread the blog love or check out my blog,I don’t mean to just skim it.I mean to be interactive.That’s how you build a following of readers.

    Just as I’m interactive on your blog,my readers/commenter will be curious and follow your pic link.

    But if you stay isolated you your blog:no one will discover your blog and great info.

  7. Yes it can. There are people who are perfectly happy with “good enough” in terms of relationships. I’m not one of those people. I must have a soul connection. That, of course, means I’m alone a lot as it’s hard to find. Now, if you are fighting all the time, etc. that isn’t even “good enough”. It means it’s the wrong situation….sorry. I know someone who was married to a woman for 19 years and knew she was never his soulmate! Ack!

      • Well, occasional disagreements is one thing. It’s quite another if you fight all the time. I actually know couples that are so perfect together they never fight.

  8. Kenny, I read your post and commented! I made a wise ass comment! 🙂 I am pretty busy right now so I didn’t read all of your posts. I’ll have to check back.

  9. Actually, I DO know where you’re coming from. HA! Yes, some healthy fighting is okay, but if 2 people are just at each other nonstop…..that is bad. And it depends on if they fight fair too. Some fights are quality disagreements and some are really mean-spirited and hurtful.

  10. how about if i feel a soul connection but she feels friends…its really real to me; i can’t think of ANYONE else. and she is not what u wud call supa hott (which is wat i liked) i jus love her love her love her…is this real. feel free to email me:

    • Hi Frank. I am dealing with a similar situation. A guy and I have past lives together and a definite soul connection. We did do the friends with benefits thing briefly, but that was not what I wanted. He cannot handle relationships and ran from me. He is also a bit of a player. Just tonight I did a fire release ritual to let go of him but my heart hurts. We are good together but he just isn’t capable of loving me. He is also very wounded from a woman he did love who cheated on him. I can’t figure out why I feel so much and he never did despite the fact he has admitted he thinks we’ve known each other for centuries. I wish there was an easy answer.

      • Hi, I really do think this guy that i have loved every since i saw him is my soulmate. All i could think about was making him happy. And once i have a dream about him that felt so real i woke up and my body was feeling the way it did in the dream as if it was real. I think he is so perfect. We have so much in common it just CANNOT be a coincidence! And during the time we were in high school i would try to stay away from him cuz i was scared of my feelings for him because they were so strong and i didnt understand why. because we only chatted on facebook for a whole summer. But that was it. Everytime i would try to get away from him we would either have a class right across from each other, then the next semester we had a class together. I could tell him anything and i didnt feel as if he judged me. He is the only guy in the world i felt this connection with, and i just cant shake it. Its been 3 years. I just feel like i know he is my soulmate but he doesnt know im he’s. How do i know if he is really my soulmate?

      • Well, it sounds like something is clearly going on karmic-wise with you two. As people have been drumming into my head lately, our concept of ONE soulmate isn’t correct. We each may have numerous kindred soul possibilities. It does sound like you two are from the same soul group though. Like you, my recent experience with a man I felt (and still feel) a tremendous, overwhelming soul connection with…well…he doesn’t feel it. I mean, I shouldn’t say he doesn’t feel it because he did admit that he feels we’ve known each other for much longer than this current lifetime (we’ve had at least two past lives together confirmed by other psychics and I’ve actually seen one of the lives myself). But, he is not interested in a relationship either. We had a fling, and then he ran. So he meant more to me than I did to him. The fact that God is having you cross paths with this guy all the time means something. That happened to me when I lived in Oregon. I kept running into my neighbor all the time like God was trying to have us enter each other’s lives. It worked and he will always be at least my friend (I’m in New Mexico now). If you feel like you’ve known someone forever, that is a very good sign. Hang in there and good luck!!

  11. I loved this story! It has me thinking about my current relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together a little over a year and within the past couple of months, he’s embarked on a new career of fame. He recently won an acting and modeling competition and is currently deciding which agencies he’d like to sign with, he’s got 10 begging for him. When we first met, he was so average. I am more than happy for him, but I can’t help thinking that this is an act of God, trying to pull us apart. He will soon have to move to New York, and then Milan in January. I’m in nursing school, I can’t follow him. Could God be trying to tell me that I need to move on?

    • I feel like it’s just one thing after another. We went to a play last night that one of his high school teachers played in. As soon as we arrive home, he gets a call with an offer to be in the upcoming movie “AfterMath” with Sam Trammel from True Blood. I am currently with him in his city, three hours away from mine. He was supposed to come back to my home with me for some time, but he’ll begin shooting this week. I know that this opportunity will only lead to another opportunity where we are separated again. He says he wants to stay together, and that he’s only in it for the money. Not that I don’t have faith in him, but fame changes people. After winning the competition, I noticed a change in him. He started acting so feminine, almost as much as I am! Constant flexing and fixing his hair in the mirror, a whole new wardrobe of a fancier style of clothes, self tanner and concealer and hair spray. Everything has changed. And it continues to change. This is the work of God, and I fear that he is simply trying to tell me to back off and let my boyfriend go.

    • Firstly, congrats to him! Secondly, when will you graduate? Maybe you could join him later. Is he your soulmate? If he is, I’d say you should somehow try to make it work. If he’s not, it “could” be God’s way of trying to get you to move on. When I was in Oregon I met and fell for a neighbor. As much as I cared for him, and still care for him, he had commitment issues. So when I got offered a badly needed job in New Mexico, I took it and left. He is still one of my best friends. Just recently I am wondering if he isn’t the one I’m supposed to be with after all. I’ve been gone for over 3.5+ years now…but I have this sneaking suspicion that when his son turns 18 in 5 years and he can relocate…he might show up here. It is totally possible, though, that we are supposed to just be friends. Time will tell.

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