Rio Grande Ghost Hunters…I’m committing by buying equipment.

I belong to a relatively newly formed ghost hunting group called “Rio Grande Ghost Hunters” here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Here is the Meetup page for it:

Anyway, I’m one of the official psychic mediums for the group.  Due to my blood sugar problem, though, I’ve been hesitant to REALLY commit to the group by investing money in ghost hunting equipment, etc., but after tonight’s meeting I stopped off at Walmart and bought this digital voice recorder:


Olympus VN-7200 digital voice recorder

The group is going on a weekend excursion June 16th-17th but I am not going as it’s a very remote location and with my health issue, I don’t feel safe being far away from medical care should I need it.  My hypoglycemia sucks butt.  I do plan on taking part in all ghost investigations around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, etc. though…and…HOPEFULLY I’ll get my blood sugar under good control soon so that I can go on the investigations that are out in the middle of nowhere.  I can’t tell you where the group is going, but the places they’ll be investigating sound great!

Anyway, I am indeed committing to helping when and where I can.  I also plan on using the digital voice recorder for some of my channeled sessions.  It should help me stay in trance if I don’t have to type what’s coming through and can just speak it out loud.  In Los Angeles, I belonged to a group of people who were all channels and got together once a week to practice.  I really miss that.  I wish there was a group here.

I may also try some straight on spirit communication here at home and see what happens.  I have “accidentally” caught voices on tape before.  I have one old cassette from when I was a kid that has voices for a full 30-45 minutes on each side!  I have no idea when I made the tape, but I recognize my childhood handwriting that simply says, “Eerie possessed tape”.

We’ll see what happens!

In Light,



15 thoughts on “Rio Grande Ghost Hunters…I’m committing by buying equipment.

  1. Well, that’s what I get for buying the cheapest recorder. I realized that there is no way to transfer files to a PC. That makes it useless for me. I hope Walmart will take it back!

  2. It’s not silly at all. Our group’s purpose is to help PROVE to people that we are indeed eternal beings who continue on even after we leave our physical bodies. Some people need physical proof and won’t just believe that we are truly souls.

    • Yeanbut there’s no way to physically prove this on a material plane.

      Ghost,spirits,souls,etc.are etheric beings.Ether is an invisible gas.Ghosts exist on a spiritual/etheric plane.In other words:we cannot see them unless they materialize in physical form.

      Now if a ghost do materialize in this realm in physical form- who’s gonna believe it’s actually a ghost?

      • The ghosts that I’ve seen are not 100% materialized. You can kind of see through them. You can’t see through living people. 🙂

    • You can’t have physical proof to proves things that are not physical.You can’t see a ghost and then prove that ghosts exists,because that ghost would’ve been invisible(gas).

      I mean:I love your group’s concept.Inspite of my whorish ways(in the sense that I’m a pick up artist);I’m very spiritual.

  3. Yes you can have physical proof. Ever heard of photographs, videos, and recordings? And ghosts CAN be seen. I know. I’ve seen them with my own two eyes.

    • Haven’t we all seen ghosts before?

      I used to see them a lot as a kid(never in adulthood).But they were all in discernible physical form.

      Angels are basically ghosts.I don’t believe in the bible and religious crap,but following their ideology:angels are ghosts.

      But what Christians don’t understand is that on this material plan which we live in,ghosts or angels must appear in or take on a physical body to be seen.

      My point is,you and I could be a ghost(and we are).The person walking down the road can be a ghost,but just that they have to materialize in order to be seen(since we cannot seen ether/gas with naked eye).

      • Well apparitions come in different densities. I’ve heard of apparitions/ghosts that totally trick people into thinking they are living, breathing people. Then there are those I’ve seen (like a ghost cat that jumped off my bed one night) where you can clearly see it, but yet it doesn’t look “normal” and fades away seconds later. One night a friend who passed away visited me by standing in my bedroom doorway. She was glowing and slightly see-through.

        I’ve had angelic visits, but in one dramatic case, I didn’t see the angel. I felt it. It swooshed through my body like a wind. My entire tense, worry-filled body (I was under IMMENSE stress at the time) went totally limp and I was filled with peace and a knowing that I was going to be okay. I laid there going, “What the heck was that?!” After a few minutes, when I started worrying again, the same thing repeated. After the second time, I could not deny it. And since that night, I’ve had a series of divine interventions regarding that bad situation in 2005.

    • I agree that densities do play a part and happen.But majority of us are seeing ghosts day to day but believe they’re natural humans.

      In fact,you hinted on this somewhat in an earlier comment;we all are ghosts in the sense that our spirits are us.

      The material body is not us.And most or all Christians don’t realize this.They believe that the physical body is the real you;the real us.

      They don’t grasp that we have something inside the physical which is driving the physical.

      • Well, I’m not Christian, but I do think Christians believe we are ultimately souls inhabiting physical bodies (i.e. clothing for the soul). Sylvia Browne told a story where she was in a diner when this guy came in and asked if he could sit with her. They chatted while she ate. She said she sensed something “different” about him but couldn’t put her finger on it. When he left and walked out the door, she got up to go look, and he was GONE. No real person could have walked away that fast. By the way, they had talked about heavy duty spiritual matters, not things like the weather and sports.

  4. Christians say they believe in an afterlife and that we have a soul in us.But can they explain it?

    Have any pastor ever explained what’s in our physical body?No!Because they can’t!They have no knowledge of what we’re made up of.

    This is the problem with Christianity:it is all about the physical[money,man dying on a cross,etc.].

    But the average preacher couldn’t tell me nor you what a soul is,where it comes from ,what does it compose of,from which plane does it comes,where does it reside.They don’t believe in other realms(as in a spiritual realm):yet they claim there’s life after death.

    Christians claim we have a spirit inside us,yet they say and teach that when we die(physically),we will be subjected and relegated to the grave until judgement day.

    Really lol!!?

    A soul cannot be bound and held by a grave nor anything material.So that’s proof and testimonial that Christians do NOT really believe that we are souls and spirits.They only say that,but their doctrine contradicts it.

    • You may find this CNN article about atheist preachers to be interesting: – So the preachers don’t even believe what they’re preaching! I am not a fan of any organized religion with rules and adulterated books. I definitely believe in God (although I prefer the Native American term “Great Spirit”) but feel strongly that God has no religion. Religion is man-made. The reason why I am drawn to Buddhism (to a degree…still struggling to commit) is that it’s different than other religions. Some don’t even consider it to be a religion…more of a life philosophy. Buddhism is EXPERIENTIAL. You are flat out told not to believe what you are told even by the monks and llamas. You are supposed to meditate and experience it yourself. I am all for self exploration.

  5. But that’s the same thing I was saying;we entertain ghosts,angels,spirits every day but we just don’t know that.

    Only that these ghosts must take on earthly forms to be visible on this plane.

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