June 5, 2012 — Channeled Message

We come at this crucial time in your world’s history when world economies are crumbling and yet ye grasp at material things. The material world is falling, and that is a good thing. It will make room for the spiritual world. In a spiritual world, there is no need for the gadgets you have become so accustomed to. There is no need for economies at all. You do not need to have a job to live in a spiritual world where thoughts are things and you can think up your dinner…not that you will need to eat. You will get your sustenance from a much higher source. Light is your food. And for those of you concerned about your weight, it is a perfect food with no calories. Sorry, we could not resist. You can start the process now by breathing in light. You ask, “How do we do this?” Visualize light above your head and coming down to surround you. What you visualize will be. Once you are surrounded by white light, inhale deeply and imagine yourself pulling it into your lungs and permeating your body with life force. Hold it there for a few seconds and then exhale. That is all you need to do. Most do not know just how powerful their ability to create through intention and visualization is. Well, let us tell you that you are all VERY powerful. You are only limited by your belief about what’s possible. Open your mind to miracles. You are not children of God as some religions espouse. You are pieces of God. No one is your parent. You are each divine beings working your way back to the Source of Oneness. As some will continue to clutch desperately to life as they knew it (because it has already begun to change we must use the past tense) they will have a very difficult time in the coming years, if they choose to stay here on Earth. It will be their choice to stay here in their physical bodies or leave this life behind. Nothing will randomly “kill” people. All is choice. With that, we must go. Peace to all and may you approach each change with an open heart.


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