Richard Dawson and Rosemary…

An eerie “coincidence” happened last night, at least that is my response after hearing the news this morning that Richard Dawson passed away.  While surfing TV channels last night, I landed upon an episode of “Hogan’s Heroes” and decided to watch it.  I’d not watched that show in decades.  During the episode, Richard kept grabbing my attention and the thought of his death popped into my head.  Well, I could have sworn he died many years ago, but I guess that was one of those “The news of my death has been greatly exaggerated” moments.  With this morning’s sad news, I must have been tuned into him last night.

Earlier today, 2 pictures a friend drew for me back in the early 1990’s caught my eye and made me think of her.  I have them on the side of my refrigerator in an area I don’t always look at closely.  Rosemary passed away 2 years ago or so.  Hours later while I was in a very relaxed, receptive state lying down in my house’s back den facing my sliding glass doors and my northern neighbor’s house, I “saw” Rosemary walk around the back corner of my neighbor’s house.  She just stood there looking at me with the biggest smile on her face, wearing her typical flowered house dress.  It was so great to see her so happy and walking better than she’d been able to walk in a long time.  Clairvoyance isn’t my strongest gift, so this was great.  I tend to hear and feel spirits more than I see them.  She just reminded me that we truly do outlive our physical bodies…not that I needed that much reminding.

In light,



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