Tibetan Prayer Box & Eclipse


On our way back to Albuquerque from Santa Fe this afternoon, we stopped in Jackalope…a store I looooove.  We had stopped in to see if they had any Guadalupe statues for my visiting mother, but I got distracted by a little Tibetan booth full of wonderful things from Nepal and Tibet.  There were a lot of things I would have liked to purchase, but this Tibetan Prayer Box called to me big time.  And, for only $5 how could I resist?!  I just wrote some prayers out on a little piece of paper and put it inside the box.  It’s a little heavy to wear as a pendant, but I’m wearing it anyway.  It feels powerful to me.

The eclipse this evening was wonderful.  I am looking forward to GOOD changes triggered by this important alignment of the sun, moon, and Pleiades with the center of the galaxy.




2 thoughts on “Tibetan Prayer Box & Eclipse

  1. Dear Carrie, I’ve been looking for a prayer box and fell in love with the one you just purchased. Is there an address for the place you purchased it from. Would greatly appreciate getting this information from you. Thanks,…..Genny

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