West Mesa Murders

Ever since my burglary happened, I’ve been looking for whatever good was going to come from it. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Up until today, I was not having luck finding the good. I’m out a lot of money and will never get back most of my belongings. But, at least, the 2 girls are arrested and being charged.

I finally met with the detective handling my case today so he could give me my now broken laptop back, show me the girls’ pictures, and have me fill out and sign a statement about my case. When we were close to being done, he made a joking comment about my psychic ability that I had forgotten I mentioned previously. That made me remember to ask him, “Does the Albuquerque police department ever use psychics because I’ve always wanted to help out in that way? I swear I’m the real deal and Warner Bros. was going to put me on TV.” He said that he wasn’t aware of the department doing so, but then said, “But if you could help catch the West Mesa Killer, you’d be in.” I’m not kidding, within seconds of him casually saying that to me, I was hit with STRONG tingling and I felt that not just one guy, but 2-3 people are involved. But, I only saw one guy who is lean with really dark brown hair clairvoyantly. It could be that one guy did the murders but that he had help burying the bodies or something. Anyway, I was so quickly and easily having things happen, I told him that I think I really needed to go home and see if I can get any concrete stuff this weekend. He told me the woman’s name who is now leading the case and said he could connect me up with anyone I needed. At that point, I started picking up his paternal grandmother and gave him some info about her that was accurate. By the time we ended our meeting, he said that if I ever need anything, do not hesitate to call him. THAT is good to have…a cop friend on my side. 🙂

As I carried the laptop back to my car, the trance I went into back in 2000 popped into my head. It was the first time I’d ever channeled and it happened while I was under hypnosis for past life regression. The 2 groups of beings who spoke through me back then said that “In 12 years your true work is going to become important.” Then, this whole interaction with the detective and helping find a serial killer came into my head…and I was hit with strong tingling again. I think I was burglarized so I could meet a detective which may end up leading me to using my psychic abilities to help solve crimes. That may be my “true work”! And it’s 12 years later! I just pray I can pick up really helpful information. As of right now, all leads have been dead ends regarding the case. http://www.helpuscatchakiller.com/



9 thoughts on “West Mesa Murders

  1. Okay, I see two males, one like you described and the other larger (fat, 6′ 2″ 265 lbs. or more, not muscular) darker complexioned. I also see a light haired female. She may be light skinned hispanic. Her hair could be bleached. She is 5′ 4″. She is a partier and I’m not sure how she is associated to the actual killings. Almost as if she was at the scene but wasn’t involved with the killings. She DEFINATELY KNOWS AT LEAST ONE OF THE VICTIMS and if the detective/family look in the room of one of the victims, SHE’S in a small framed photo with that victim. Ask the detective if these girls had a drug history with crystal meth amphetamine and also prostitution. Other thoughts are runaways/petty crimes like shop lifting etc.. I see a blue denin jean jacket, Some victims might have history of sexual abuse and neglect as children, outcasts, quitting high school and some were possibly impregnated, not necessarily to full term. The thin dude with brown hair has a sociopath/psychopath energy.

  2. I get a strong feeling when I look at Virginia Cloven’s photo. I feel drugs/possible abuse, prostitution…not sure…but definate jail time. Let me know and keep me posted. Hope this helps.

  3. Paul, all of them except one were prostitutes and one was pregnant. More than likely they were also drug users. Did you read the full story/bios? So, your feelings are accurate. I had to skim your impressions though as I need to be “pure” when I try to pick up stuff. The less I have in my head from others the better.

  4. Sociopath? You mean he knew he was doing wrong and did it anyway and it did not bother his conscience, 11 times? Yup. Probably so, don’t ya think…

  5. There are up to 31 victims fitting the missing person reports of Det Ida Lopez. Focus only on the two cops and the disposal guy, the location where kidnapped, how killed, where disposed. Their DNA frequency still is broadcasting from their bones. Tune in on that. Describe the view from there.

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