Be still and know that ye are God.  What wise words were spoken so long ago.  For the temple of God truly lies within.  This is not just a saying, but reality.  How many of you take the time to go within on a regular basis?  How many talk and talk but never listen for answers?  Listening is more important than praying.  Asking in itself is a weak act.  But to listen is strength.  To tune in and KNOW when what you hear is truth is power.  Of course you must act upon what you hear, but it takes you out of the passenger seat and makes you the driver…a driver with GPS.  Sometimes you will hear the words within your head.  Sometimes you will hear the words within your heart.  Sometimes there is just a knowing you can’t put into words…and then there are dreams.

Dreams are spirit’s direct phone line into your subconscious and sometimes conscious.  Have you ever awakened to suddenly KNOW the answer to a dilemma you’ve been dealing with and looking for answers to?  You wake up with the answer because it was given to you in your dreams.  Now the remaining question is:  Are you dreaming right now or are you dreaming when you are in bed?  Which is reality?  Maybe neither is reality.  Here is something to ponder.

With this we bid you adieu.  Sleep with the angels dear ones.

Channeled by Atheria


2 thoughts on “Listening…

  1. Very nice, you should do mor of this and find a way to share this with THE WORLD….those messages are indeed needed, specially NOW
    Hug, great site

    Teresa (SA)

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