Divine intervention & house burglary

I am not feeling very spiritual at the moment.  I am filled with immense anger and sadness, which alternate, but anger is winning.  My house was burglarized Thursday afternoon.  Thankfully, and perhaps divine interventionally, a neighbor happened to come outside just in time to see 2 girls (I’ll refrain from using the terms I’ve been using to refer to them) leaving my house with a bag of my belongings and he got their license plate number.  The police went to both addresses attached to the license plate and the guy’s name who the plate is registered to.  Of course, the 2 girls and the vehicle were not there…but…the guy just “happens” to be on parole for burglary.  The police got at least one good fingerprint, so I am trying to be hopeful the girls will be caught.  When they are, they will find out that they have messed with THE wrong person.  I do not easily roll over and let bygones be bygones.  I fight back.

Anyway, besides the fact my neighbor witnessed the crime…which is a huge help…2 other things happened prior to Thursday that were a little too “coincidental” to be coincidence.  I strongly believe angels were trying to help me as best they could.  Although I am devastated by the damage to my house, my stolen computer, tons of jewelry, WiFi, speakers, hard drive, purses, camera, etc…I am grateful for what happened the weekend before.  For one thing, I came VERY close to buying a brand new, pricey laptop last weekend, but suddenly felt I shouldn’t get it.  If I had bought it, it would now be gone.  I need to stress that I was VERY close to buying it and spending more money than I normally would for a laptop, but gosh it was sexy.

The other thing that happened was that totally out-of-the-blue, I got this very strong urge to back up all my pictures, documents, writing, and music onto DVDs and flash drives last Sunday.  It was a gnawing feeling that would not go away, and THANKFULLY I did back everything up!  I would have lost very important documents and irreplaceable channeled writing and regular writing that I’ve done for many, many years.  I am so glad I listened to spirit’s urging, as there is no question in my mind that is what happened.  Of course, there is the part of me that wonders why they couldn’t have intervened and prevented the whole burglary…but…there is a reason for everything.  I hope some good comes from this stressful, upsetting experience.  Some of the jewelry, especially, had sentimental value.  And my laptop had my entire life on it.  To say that I feel violated is a gross understatement.



9 thoughts on “Divine intervention & house burglary

  1. There is even more angelic intervention to this story. I decided to change home insurance companies 1-2 days before the break-in. The new policy won’t start until May 12th, so the company that is covering me right now won’t be able to jack their rates way up like insurance companies usually try to do when you are due for renewal.

  2. What a horrible thing to happen, sending lots of positive energy your way. I’ve neglected WordPress and my blog for the past several weeks, so there’s some reason the first blog I’m reading (now that I’m kinda back) is this one. The messages I’ve been getting lately in a big way are all about staying positive, the power of the heart, and we get “what we wish for” (our emotion-fueled focus). See the blog I wrote last night, Angel Gabriel… Thing is, especially for those of us who are more “awake,” we manifest quickly and if we start being fearful too much, too often–materially or whatever–the results can be very not good… And being too attached to our stuff or anything is about fear. We have to endeavor to let it all be okay, whatever comes–otherwise, we block our good. Fear is a block to our best, highest power. Sometimes we don’t realize we are so attached or so fearful. Subconscious energy. It’s all about that power source, the heart, and keeping it peaceful no matter what. The subconscious energy is our greatest challenge. You might consider that this is a pattern from childhood, did something similar happen in the past, trauma that was never addressed? If so, this has happened to help you heal it.

    In seeing your “good Samaritan” tweet, I feel compelled to say be careful if you don’t know them well. Even so, endeavor to clear the fear/anger beforehand.


    • I’ve never had anything like this happen before. This has been very traumatic. The good news is that I did indeed get some of my jewelry back today! Now I’m dealing with how I can safeguard my home without spending more thousands.

      • I know, it’s devastating. I’ve only had that type of feeling twice in my life, once as a little girl, once as an adult. But no where near the level of your experience. Even so, ya’ just feel naked to the world, so violated, not safe.

        I assure you though, things like that don’t happen willy nilly. There’s always meaning behind our experiences in this reality. In the Tarot, this is a Tower experience. The image on that card is a Tower that’s been struck by lighting and people are falling out. It’s anything that happens that really shakes the foundation of our world. And they happen because something was building within us, something that needed to be released. But we didn’t release it, so we (subconsciously) or the Universe (how ever you wish to view it) made it happen. The bright side is the card that follows, the Star card. A card of healing and peace…and strength. So after the hell of it passes, especially if we really plug into the why (what in us brought this about), it does make us stronger, and somehow healthier. We all have them. Keeping them to a minimum can be about paying attention to our energy, making sure we aren’t holding in our “negative” emotions, or any old emotional trauma.


      • This has been one of the worst weeks of my life between the burglary (although the good news is that the police know who did it) and work hell. 😦

  3. It seems like there’s a lot of “hell” going around–believe me, I’m enduring my own brand of it. Again, I believe it’s stuff within us that hasn’t yet completely healed. Just like with our larger world, all the baddies coming up to the surface. Just like an infected wound won’t heal with time, neither will old unaddressed trauma. The yuck has to come up and be cleared away, only then will real healing begin. When we heal, the world will heal. We are the world.

    We have a lot in common. You say a lot of things that sound like me (like Friday the 13th being a lucky day for you, ha). If you’re ever without someone to talk to you, someone to really hear you (like-minded), let me know. Maybe we could chat sometime.

    • Hi there. Something WEIRD is going on. Both an Internet friend and I are losing friendships for no good reason as people are acting strange. Someone I thought was a friend at work also stabbed me in the back. It’s like people are freaking out. I feel a very stressful and not good energy. Something astrological must be going on. I am so disillusioned by people lately that I am becoming bitter and hateful. I’ve been saying more and more that I waaaay prefer animals to people. I can’t trust anyone and I can’t bear being let down anymore. Don’t I just sound joyous? I totally understand people who choose to leave society and live alone in a cabin in the woods. That all being whined about, you do seem to be a cool person and I could use COOL people in my life. 🙂

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