Gut screaming to be paid attention to & more 444’s…

I’ve been going through tremendous stress at work for 2 days regarding a job I had posted for and accepted that I found out things about that scared me.  When the truth of the job was revealed to me yesterday afternoon, but before I was totally able to confirm what I had heard, my stomach started hurting.  As time went on, the stomach pain was so bad, I was doubled over and could only barely breathe.  My gut was saying NOOOOOO to the job I had accepted big time.  This I could not ignore.  Once I made the hard decision to walk away from the job offer, the stomach attack started going away.  In my case, my stomach is a very good barometer, but with some people other body signals that something is wrong show up.  Everyone needs to learn their body’s language…and listen to it, especially when it’s a warning.

On a separate 444 note, not only did I look ahead of me on my way to work to notice a cute Nissan Juke with a 444 license plate…but when I was going through the self-checkout at Smith’s tonight, I attempted to type in the 4 digit code for some produce and looked up to see the screen said 444 instead of 4 something something something.  Somehow all 4’s showed up on the screen.  I just smirked.  I took it as a sign that although the past 2 days have not been fun at all, things would turn out okay.

As a final note, when I was looking for an insurance broker yesterday, one woman’s name stood out to me as it glared for attention on the Google screen of names.  She contacted me back today about a quote, and it turns out she has visions, her daughter is into tarot card reading, and she is totally of like mind metaphysically.  I just love when that happens. 🙂




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