Listen to your gut & heavenly sign from a soldier…

I decided to have another “psychic day” today and although nothing major happened, a confirmation happened that was important.  I’ve been applying for other jobs at the same company I’m at now.  There has been one that I’ve been the most excited about as it would be a clear step up and “hopefully” more money (I say “hopefully” because I am currently in a union and this higher level job is not in the union and sometimes you actually don’t end up making more money when you leave the union).  Well, I interviewed for that job early yesterday and then another job later in the day that would be a lateral move for me, but in a creative department that reminded me almost of my days working in television in Los Angeles (which I miss).  My gut didn’t feel good about the higher level job for some reason (the people were very nice) but felt really good about the lower level job.  Of course, my head mostly cares about money. 🙂 I swore years ago when I made a HORRID decision based on my head instead of gut that I would NEVER EVER do that again…yet here I was, still thinking I wanted the higher level job my gut didn’t feel right about.  I got an offer on the creative job early today.  Then I was in a quandary.  What if I got offers on both jobs?!  What would I do?!  Just before 5 p.m. I got a call regarding the higher level non union job to tell me that I didn’t make it to the next round…and I felt relief.  I felt palpable relief in my stomach.  I mean, I’m letdown I didn’t make it to the next round of interviews, but I now realize something about that job was wrong for me.  So, I’m accepting the creative job and looking forward to what the universe has in store for me.  I no longer try to beat down doors.  I go through doors that open to me that feel good.

On another note, this story, which some of you may have already seen, is beautiful confirmation that love continues on from the Other Side…and that yes…animals are included in our love.  A heavenly beam of light shines on a dog that a soldier helped save just before the soldier was killed.

Heavenly Beam

In Light,



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