Listen to sudden flashes that pop into your head!

After suffering through horrid allergies for another day…coughing…sore throat…sneezing…what now looks like pinkeye…I pulled Bob (my Scion xD) into the garage, hit the button to close the garage door, and went to unlock the door into the house.  At that moment, I had a flash hit my mind of “What would you do if the door broke?”  I STUPIDLY ignored that psychic warning as “nothing”, opened the door, got into the house, and tried to close the door.  It wouldn’t close normally, and idiot that I am because I forgot the psychic flash/warning, I got frustrated and shoved the door hard to close.  Well, it closed alright.  I first noticed I couldn’t lock it and tried to open it slightly to align the deadbolt (which can be sensitive) better, but the door wouldn’t open.  I pulled and pulled to no avail.  Then I tried shoving a screwdriver underneath to lift it a bit as it did look slightly crooked and pulled some more…to no avail.  I called dad in a panic because if I couldn’t get into the garage through that door, I was screwed because the spare electronic main garage door opener didn’t work (I found out tonight) and my car would be stuck in the garage for eternity.  Of course, my neighbors who are normally ALWAYS home were not home tonight.  I knew whatever it was that was wrong, 91 lbs. me wasn’t strong enough to deal with it.  The door would not budge.  Dad suggested I take the doorknob apart, which I did, but that didn’t help.  Later I found out that by taking the doorknob apart, I made things worse.  I didn’t want to bother a friend of mine, but I was desperate (keeping in mind I also felt sick and could hardly see with my mucus-filled eyes) and called him.  He very kindly drove way over to my house and fought with my door for a long time.  Thank God I hadn’t dropped the other side of the doorknob into the garage because that would have been REALLY bad.  Still, he struggled to get my knob back together.  After he tried numerous things to figure out what was jamming the door, he realized it was a stupid screw that was holding the metal plate into the door frame that the latch went into.  A screw had gotten loose (no jokes please) and unscrewed itself enough that it stuck out just far enough to catch onto the metal plate that was on the door edge.  So with me holding the doorknob turned and my friend sticking screwdrivers into the gap between the door and frame, we were finally able to pry the door open…thank God!

Now you will ask, “Why is she telling this broken door story on her psychic/metaphysical blog?”  Because the moral of this story is:  Pay attention to seemingly “nothing” flashes that pop warnings into your head!!

Stressed and tired,



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