Exploding Head Syndrome or something else that is more metaphysical?

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he mentioned he had Exploding Head Syndrome.  My reaction was, “What the heck is that?!”  Then he said he will hear what sounds like a doorbell ringing in his head occasionally at night (he also has tinnitus) and I gasped.  Two or three times the past six months or so I’ve been awakened with a jolt at night by what sounds like my home’s doorbell being rung with a “ding dong”.  My heart races and I feel fear.  Now, granted, that makes sense since I live alone and someone really ringing my doorbell at 1 a.m. could be an intruder…but when I Googled Exploding Head Syndrome, I found this Wikipedia page that mentions when people are awakened by an EHS attack, they are often filled with fear.

I am blogging about this here on my metaphysical page because the article also mentions that EHS can be related to out-of-body experiences.  My initial reaction when this first happened to me was that a spirit was trying to get my attention…that someone was trying to get me to “answer a door” so-to-speak.  I may be correct about that, since when you are out-of-body you can more easily communicate with those on the Other Side.  The racing heart/fear feeling would also make sense if I was out-of-body when it happened because if you are out and return to your body too fast for some reason, it can indeed cause that physical reaction.  I’ve had clear OBE’s where that happens.

I will say that the doorbell sound was SO loud and clear, I did get up each time to peek out my front door’s peep hole to see if someone was there…and of course no one was there.  So were the doorbells spirits saying hello, me having an OBE, or were they simply some brain phenomenon?  Hmmmmm….I suspect the spiritual.

In Light,



18 thoughts on “Exploding Head Syndrome or something else that is more metaphysical?

  1. EHS happens when u r in stage when all your body energy is capable to go to your head. this energy force makes the sound and if u will give support to it suddenly u will find yourself out of body. Cure is have a good sex life it will go away. Because energy will either flow in head or will flow in sex center. It happens to the people who has open all seven obstacles of body. If you want to continue with the experience then make time for meditation. there are lots of things waiting to happen.

    • What if its not EHS. What if i awake from a dream and decide to dream again. I closed my eye and slowed my breathing. Then i heard a large trumpet sound and a pull on my body. Not a noticeable pull but like a earthquake making your body leaning forward. I could also see my wall and window and the sunlight after i closed my eyes. What do you call this? Im eager to try again tomorrow morning.

  2. I have had two short but vivid astral projecting experience, both with the onset of EHS. I was curious what would happen if I didn’t fight fear when it happened. The sound would get louder, so I let it. (It sounds to me like really loud static and I can feel it but no real pain). Next thing I realize, I am watching myself sleep. You should try it. See what happens. It takes practice, and you got to have that mindset when you have noise coming from your brain. I think the overwhelming fear is the hardest for me. Still practicing though.

    • Hi Artello! That is very cool. The more I learn about exploding head syndrome, the more I think that’s not what I had happen. I’ve not had anything happen for a long time now. I do need to go back to trying to astral travel at will though!

    • As fate would have it, at 5:12 a.m. this morning I heard…clear as day, even with ear plugs in…one ring of a phone. It sounded like a modern business phone type ring, almost like a Polycom unit. My cell phone was turned off at the time. Your post must have triggered me. Ha!

    • I really do need to try to astral travel on purpose. Years ago I read how to do it and tried, and when nothing happened after two weeks gave up. Then, of course, something happened and I started to leave my body one night. Problem is, I got scared and the moment fear hit, it pulled me back in!

      I have astral traveled before, but don’t recall the leaving part.

  3. I have these happen… usually they come in the stages just before full sleep but i always remember vivid “spiritual” thoughts if you will, right before the onset. Last night i was completely out of it and soon as the “explosion” woke me up I remember a weird thought about how Jesus is the center or calm area of the brain and his disciple are the uncontrollable ones who need to be calmed… Sounds weird, I know but once that thought it, the loud rumble came and jolted me awake.

  4. I have had a couple astral projecting experiences myself, ALL of which with the onset of ehs. I notice there is a lot of stories of OBE going hand-in-hand with EHS. That’s how I found your story. I’m glad I’m not crazy.
    It started awhile back when I notice how different places have different tones. Now, these tones aren’t being received in my ear, like normal sound, but seem to be heard and felt in the back center of my brain. So one night, I decide to focus on the soundwave-like thingy. As I relaxed and sleep started in the noise became sooo loud I found myself clenching my teeth. I recognized this as something I would get when I would wake up in the middle of the night. I looked online and found sites that would describe EHS. I went with it for a few months and since I was now aware of it, I would get it almost every night. Then one night insteàd of fighting it I let it get louder and louder, although it was painless it was like the sound was vibrating my brain and could shatter my skull…kinda. There is a indescribable scared kinda anxious feeling and then silence. I looked down and saw me sleeping, I looked around at the detail of my house and then the fear took over and I felt “pulled” and I woke up. I did it once more successfully but got ” pulled” back in before I could think of exploring. I’ve tried again but lately the fear has made it extra difficult to get pass the ” noise” barriers. No no luck too recently. I think it’s likely go be common amongst clairaudients.
    Do you hear similar vibrations sound wave things in some locations? Sometimes its high pitched like running your finger across the rim of a crystal wineglass other times it can be low like the sound of a moving light saber and in between? I ask because im curious if its a common connection.

    • No, I don’t hear the tone of a place…and that actually surprises me, since my clairaudience is pretty strong. I’ve always found it odd that I don’t hear the infamous “Taos Hum”.

      I wish I could astral project at will, but I’ve not mastered that. I have SUCH a hard time sleeping I don’t know if I stay asleep long enough anymore to even be able to astral project. I do remember, though, many years ago when I started to leave my body…that the FEAR hit big time (I thought I was dying and panicked) and the moment it did, BAM! I was pulled back into my body. So annoying!

      • I always have trouble sleeping. My newest thing is when I wake up I hear this sweeping sound, it sometimes goes into a full blown EHS episode. I recently talked to a parapsychologist who has had similar experiences like us. And said that that’s how it goes. I thought that you would like to know that (it made me feel less crazy lol).
        I also was reading somewhere that EHS seems similar to a seizure on a brain scan.AND THEN I saw this guy on the tv who has telekinesis and when they measured his brain they said something about activity going on similar to a seizure. Maybe some connection? If you would like, I can update you more on the subject when I dig up more info.

      • Erika,

        That’s interesting! I know my issues are spiritual/metaphysical and not EHS. Whooshing wind noises are common if you go out of body.

        In light,

  5. Omg!!! I guess I have replied here before!!! I am Artello. I am obviously still researching hehe. I looked at this page with my old phone, so I couldn’t tell I’d been here now I have a tablet. Though the story did ring a bell!

  6. Interesting. And I am happy I found this page. I’ve been experiencing symptoms of this condition since a child, but usually ignored it or tried to forget about it due to fear. Over the last two years, each time I sleep on my own (i.e. couch, floor, another bedroom), prior to me drifting off in deep sleep I’ll hear outrageous sounds. The most reoccurring one is like someone is beating down the door of the house by knocking 3 times. I panic for a few seconds, but usually shrug it off and go back to sleep. The most frightening one was when I was sleeping alone and heard a loud gunshot basically next to my head! I been thinking some malevolent spirits must be trying to play practical jokes with me being that when I was a child I would see spirits, especially at night, but duck my heads under the cover and fall asleep after a while. After last night I suddenly felt the urge to look for any similar experiences and got directed to exploding head syndrome. When I read the symptoms I knew as there was no medical explanation, it had to be spiritual. I have in fact been delving into a lot of occult sciences lately and have known for a few years now that I’m a candidate for OBE’s as I always experience sleep paralysis. Its just always the fear that I believe keeps me from actually experiencing it. I may have done a few OBE’s, but haven’t been able to sort rather it was a dream or an actual experience. I guess my advice from here on it is to just take the chance and submit to what’s happening. Either you willingly will accept the gift or unwillingly accept it when natural death occurs. I’d rather know the spirit world now and get acquainted with it rather die one day and be in total shock as to what’s going on. This is why a lot of recently deceased individuals have trouble passing over being they are unaware of what’s going on.

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