UFO photo – Dec. 2005 in Albuquerque, NM


Above is a link to a UFO photo (and my story) on Shirley MacLaine’s site that I took accidentally in December 2005.  For those who don’t know, I am VERY extraterrestrial connected.  My ancestry is Pleiadian.  I’ve been in at least 2 UFOs that I know of, taken while living in the hills of Hollywood of all places.  During the first abduction, I was taken to a laboratory underneath downtown Los Angeles.  I was very much treated as an equal and the beings wanted to show me the experiments they were doing.  Now, normally I am a VERY emotional person, but what struck me later was that during the whole experience, I felt zero emotion.  I was purely scientifically fascinated by what they were showing me, and, quite frankly, I should have been a little horrified.  I saw babies in test tubes, babies that were hybrids…part human, part ET.  But, I had no fear and I knew I was safe and that they considered me to be one of them.  A couple of weeks later I wasn’t so lucky.  Another group came for me, I suspect, to find out what the first group showed me….and I have never been so afraid in my life.  I felt fear to the depths of my soul and laid on the floor praying they didn’t know I was in the apartment…but…I blacked out.

Later, in 2002 via a Ouija Board, a lovely Plejaran (that is the term she used…another name for Pleiadian) ET came through named Alora.  She made it very clear that her people do not abduct humans and they abhor such actions.  She told me that her people wanted to work with me if I was interested.  I needed to let them know.  For years now I’ve been yelling, “I want to work with you!” but…nada…or at least I don’t CONSCIOUSLY think I’ve been working with them.  It’s possible I’m just not recalling things that are going on.  Hmmmmm…..

In Light,



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