My psychic day…

I decided to have a “psychic day” this morning.  I had heard about this technique from a well-known psychic years ago and thought I’d try it.  Now, granted, I AM a psychic medium, but I’ve been feeling rather cut off from spirit for awhile as I’ve let the material world take over my focus.  Anyway, I made the INTENTION (I am a Dr. Wayne Dyer lover.) that I was going to be extra psychic today…and then forgot about it.  It may be that because I forgot about it and “let it go” that the day proved to be very fruitful.

I had two things pop into my head out-of-the-blue during the day that I didn’t even give much attention to…two things that came true.  A friend popped into my head with the thought of him selling his car, and he called me tonight to chat and mentioned that he thinks a guy he met today would buy his car.  Keep in mind that my friend had never mentioned selling his car before this.

The second thing is a little thing but worth noting.  I normally use a small saucepan to heat up water to make tea.  I’ve done this for years and never had much of a desire to buy an official teapot/kettle.  Randomly (seemingly) after making tea this afternoon the thought came into my head that I should buy a kettle.  At a goodbye party later on today (friends are moving to Seattle) they had a pile of things they were giving away instead of moving….and sitting right there was a blue tea kettle. 🙂 What makes this funnier is that for many years purple has been my favorite color, but the past 1.5 years or so I’ve been gravitating to blue….so the color was/is perfect!

Besides these two events, I met a lovely gal at the party who I clicked with immediately.  She “speaks my language” so-to-speak and feels about New Mexico how I feel about New Mexico…that it is truly a special and magical place.  She is into the metaphysical stuff I’m into and we chatted non-stop.  She was at the party because she had just met Shannon (the one moving to Seattle in two weeks with Russ) about a month earlier.  I felt very strongly that the entire reason she met Shannon was to meet me.  I told her that and she felt the same way.  I think I will have a new open-minded friend.  I plan on introducing her to some other friends here who have our same spiritual and metaphysical interests.

So basically, this has been a day full of magic.  I love it!  I also got two 444’s today….angel signs.

In Light,



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