444 Angel Sign

Just recently, after a fascinating astrological reading by Debra Clement where she told me in no uncertain terms that I am to be writing (and doing other things like healing work…which I did for the first time in a long time this past Sunday for a friend), I joined “The Albuquerque Ink Slingers” meetup.com group.  Starting this blog was one of my self-imposed assignments, and the other was to actually work on at least one of my novel ideas.  I had started a comedic ghost detective story, but when the members of the novel writing group heard my other very metaphysical idea…an idea that popped into my head almost 20 years ago and keeps re-popping into my head lately (PAY ATTENTION ATHERIA)…they overwhelmingly urged me to work on this metaphysical idea instead.  The only thing is, the comedic ghost detective story just kind of flowed.  It was almost effortless, although it went off in a totally different direction that I wasn’t sure how to correct…but at least it was going somewhere.  Anyway, I had started…painstakingly…to work on the soul/metaphysical idea, but it was like pulling teeth.  It was HARD.  It just wasn’t flowing like the other story, but something in my gut did tell me I needed to write it.  Since I don’t like painful things, and trying to put any words on paper became painful, I set it aside for days.  I was just drawing a blank.  Some members of the writing group suggested I try writing the old fashioned way, with good old pen and paper, so I got out the notebook I bought this past weekend and sat down tonight to try to write something.  But, I couldn’t recall what little bit I had started on the computer and turned my laptop on to pull up the Word document so I could print out the one page (yes, I didn’t even write a full page) to use as I wrote in the notebook.  As I was about to print the page out, I noticed the word count at the bottom of the page:  444!

To those of you who don’t know, the number 444 is an angel sign!  Ever since I read the true story The Messengers by Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin about Nick Bunick I began to get the 444’s the book talks about.  I have been getting them increasingly the past year, sometimes numerous times per day.  I also get the power number 1111, but the 444 phenomenon has always been more prevalent with me.  In any case, I took that as a sign from my angels and guides that I am indeed supposed to be working on the soul story.  I just need to ask for their help.  I need to ask them to use me…to work through me to create something special.  Pay attention to signs.  As another psychic said, anything you notice during the day is a message from spirit.  If it wasn’t important, you wouldn’t notice it.  Things catch your eye for a reason.  Pay attention.

In Light,


P.S.  Oh, I did do a little writing tonight. 🙂


7 thoughts on “444 Angel Sign

  1. I’ve been getting the 444 lately too. Yeah, it always makes me feel better (and it seems I’m usually not feeling so good when I see it). And I agree, people should pay attention to their environment–the people, everything, it’s all a mirror. I’m very in tune with my environment. I listen to 2 or 3 different exercise videos while doing housework. And I’ve listened to them so much, I’ve now somehow synchronized (?) with them or something. Like if I’m thinking or doing a certain thing, the exercise instructor will be saying something bang-on with it. Like if I’m feeling fearful about sharing something, I’ll hear “spine” (courage symbol). Note, I’m listening to it now, and I just got that (sheepish about sharing this). And it’s not just once and a while–it’s very consistent. If I’m thinking I need to take 2 of a certain supplement, she’ll be saying 2. Or, if I’m proud of myself for something, she’ll be saying, “good job.” I can’t think of any awesome examples right now, but sometimes it’s so amazing. So on point. I’ll be busy with something, and I’ll hear her say, “take a break” right when I know I should take one 🙂 Most amazing though is when I’m thinking of a certain number or word, and she’ll say it right at the same time. And that’s not uncommon at all. This reality really is just a different kind of a “dream.”


  2. It’s nice to meet some other 44 and 444 observers. I started noticing them a number of years ago, and now they seem to be everywhere. I do accept these signs as Spirit being with me, guiding and supporting me. My psychic and mediumistic development began in earnest 11 years ago, when I moved to a city located at Exit 44 off a major freeway circling Boston. There are no coincidences… Anyway, nice to meet y’all. Renee

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