Random channeled messages…

February 15, 2012

“I walk in the water of the 5th dimension” should be your mantra. Getting to a place where all is real means leaving the place of illusion and safety. What you, as humans, think is real is but a dream…a flight of fancy in consciousness if you will. What is really real lies beyond the veil of the dense 3rd dimension. A cluster of thought fragments separates you from what is possible. Thought fragments, or bubbles, pollute the air around you…creating a type of thought smog. These thoughts, mostly negative, can even string together and alter the destiny planned for you. To keep these thought bubbles from joining together to make even more damaging negative thought chains, you must center yourself daily and do a cleansing of yourself including aura. You can smudge yourself for a stronger effect, or simply visualize an etheric vacuum sucking all debris off of you. Then draw in light from above down into your crown chakra and let it flow through all parts of your body. The only good bubble is a pink bubble of love surrounding you like the one the Good Witch rode in on in your classic entertainment “The Wizard of Oz”.

January 4, 2012

We are here. We come in love and protection from far off in the 5th dimension of space and time beyond your 3rd dimension comprehension…though that is quickly changing with the speeding up of the etheric clock, as you will. We are above your head. Don’t look up as you can’t see us…yet. The space/time continuum is elongating stratospherically yet shortening energetically, causing a flip in the structure of DNA. The double helix is becoming a quadruple helix. A doubling of human beings’ power will result.

January 2, 2012

We are here, dear one. Breathe in the energy of the now, for the now is all that is. Rest your weary head upon the soft pillow of consciousness. For in the thought is the illusion of separation from the source of all knowing…which is love. We bid you peace…adieu.

April 6, 2011

We are here. We come to you during this time of turmoil on the planet to assist with recovery from the dark ages that were not many hundreds of years ago but the recent dark ages. We would prefer to call them the ignorant ages. You are now entering an era where ignorance is going to not exactly fall away, but be shoved away with aggressive force. You have no choice but to evolve. The uprisings in the Middle East as people yearn for democracy and a better quality of life are just the beginning. Your own country, the USA, will undergo a type of Civil War if you will. People need to take back their power and stop handing it over to those who will abuse it. The time is now to stand up for your rights and abolish the greed that has for too long run your country. People are feeling overwhelmed and somewhat powerless, but if they remember that they are spirit and that spirit is unlimited, anything is possible. There will be much upheaval during the 2012 elections, which, if you note the date, is not an accident. Those Mayans knew what they were talking about. Of course, the upcoming political upheaval will just be a part of the shift that has already started happening. There will also be a spiritual upheaval where some people will cling to organized religion to the point where they drown, but many people see organized religion for what it is…a control tactic. Any religion that does not teach you that you are powerful and any religion that makes you feel bad is not of God. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, God has no religion. Religion is man-made not God-made. There comes a time when people must accept the truth, as scary as it is, that they are co-creators of their lives. We know that this doesn’t agree with our channel who debates with friends on this topic, choosing to feel that all is planned out before incarnation and that once here in the physical, there’s not much that can be done to change destiny/fate. But, she’s wrong…in part. Although souls DO chart out major life lessons and paths with their guides before birth, you have some leeway once here to tweak and perfect the exact route you take. With good choices, choices usually made when listening to that still small voice within, you can smooth out the rough edges of some of your harder life lessons. You can polish the stone, if you will. You still need to learn the lessons, but sometimes things can be made a bit easier. Or, you can choose the hard knocks school of life and not listen to your inner guidance and go through all sorts of hell. It’s up to you. With that, we bid you adieu for this evening. Namaste.

April 6, 2010

Now is the summer of our discontent…well, not summer, exactly, but the season where people of all persuasions start to feel restless and that they need to make changes. Spring cleaning and all that. Whereby some are ending long relationships, albeit amicably, others are rushing into new romances with wild abandon. We do urge you to be cautious to a degree, but not so far that you take the joy out of life and being in the physical. You must learn to play in love and see love and relationships for what they are…growth and learning experiences, nothing else. Growth is what matters while you are in the physical realm. Granted, to both grow and experience love is a dynamic duo…a top notch combination, that when it happens, is the best school there is. Many of you still need to understand that love is not a static thing…it changes and morphs as it grows with you. And, sometimes, part of the growth is the ending of relationships…both people often for the better. For without love and loss, there would be nothing left to spur you on to continue experiences, often trying to recapture what you had. The trouble comes in when one refuses to continue to grow and keeps living in the past, like a broken record with the needle stuck in a groove. It is good for the past experience of love to get you to keep seeking, but not good if you are trying to recreate that exact love relationship. For each interaction between two souls cannot be copied. Each is unique unto itself. The joyous part of this is that more interactions lie ahead of you, and doesn’t the notion of that just make you excited and eager to see, “What’s next?!” In peace, we bid you adieu for now.

November 4, 2009

You have come to a time in your history whereby all men and women must attune themselves to the All that Is if they are to survive the cataclysmic changes to the Earth’s surface during the next few years. It is time to listen to the soul within instead of the media without. We are here for you as your brethren, but there is only so much we can do to instill in you a sense of grace…a sense of love beyond the scope of love that your minds can handle. For it is not love in the clingy sense of the word that all too many have come to believe is the only way to love. There truly is no word to use in your language for the bliss we are talking about. But you shall indeed know it one day.

The future can be bright if you wish it so. Although great changes are afoot, and to some may seem completely void of anything having to do with love…we are here to tell you that should you choose to lift yourself into the light, the light that has been within you for all eternity, you will pass through this veil known as the 3-D world and into another dimension that will make your wildest, most vivid, most fabulous dreams seem like dredge. You have the power within yourselves to raise your consciousness to a state much closer to the divine. The divinity resides within, do not forget that. For you are not only a part of All that Is but ARE All that Is. An external force is a concept mistakenly thrust upon you by those who did not know how to take responsibility and wanted to thrust it onto another. We have now gone off on a tangent, a course, if you will, that we did not mean to do…but it is the truth and even in our state, get worked up at times. With this we must go, and bid you adieu.


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